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"Your Happiness is the Reflection of Your Health"

Ashoka Sanjeevini Hospital is a privately owned facility that prides itself on our high quality procedural and surgical standards, and our specialised patient care. We believe patient safety, care and comfort is of paramount importance.

Our mission is to provide efficient, professional services by leading surgeons while doing so in a compassionate manner. We believe the mental and emotional aspects of undergoing a procedure can be as challenging and important as the physical aspects, and thus treat patients in a sensitive, caring way to encourage a positive experience.



There is strength in our differences. By embracing how each of us is unique and how every person's perspective is of value; this understanding has lead us to be one of the leader in health care in our community.

Our mission is to deliver world class health care. We aspire to create an ethical and safe environment to treat all our patients with respect and dignity. We aim to be the largest and most respected health care provider in the Shivamogga region of Karnataka.

At Ashoka Sanjeevini Hospital our main focus is our patients and providing them with quality healthcare outcomes. We are committed to follow the highest standards of ethical conduct and to provide honest and affordable health care services.


Feel free to contact us for any queries and questions. Incase of emergency or admissions contact the numbers mentioned at the top of this page. If you would like to provide feedback regarding your experience with Ashoka Sanjeevini Hospital please click here. 

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